Ladies And Gentlemen, The Nico Hischier Era Has Officially Begun

Love the little stick tap on the ice right before the goal. 6 goals was enough of a wait. Nico Hischier was ready to get his name on the scoresheet finally and wasn’t going to waste another second before roofing that one in the back of the net.

As a Flyers fan, I’m incredibly happy for Nico Hischier. Kid stormed onto the scene last year. Took over in the Q. Dominated for Team Switzerland in the World Juniors. #1 overall pick in the 2017. And now is finally on the board with his first career NHL goal. Why am I happy? Well because it’s going to be so much fun to hate this kid for the next 2 decades.

Rivalries are always better when both sides are actually competitive. I’d hate if the Nolan Patrick vs Nico Hischier rivalry was over before it really even got going because Hischier ended up being a bust. But if he’s sick and Nolan Patrick is sick, then this rivalry is going to reach peak Flyers/Devils levels of hatred. And I need that back in my life. It’s been a minute since I could hate you, Devils fans. Welcome back to the dark side.

P.S. – Kid ended up scoring his 2nd career goal while I was blogging. With each Nico Hischier goal, my hate grows tenfold.