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Art Is Weird: Woman Gets Art Award For Breastfeeding Puppies

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 1.11.16 PM

A Slovenian artist breastfed her dogs and fertilized one of her eggs with a dog cell as part of an award-winning three-month art project. She also produced a video documenting the creative process behind the bizarre venture.
Maja Smrekar lived in seclusion with her dogs as part of the lengthy artistic experiment, which was titled “K-9_topology.”

During that time, she triggered her body to produce breast milk by systematic breast pumping. She then breastfed her puppy Ada to explore “the social and ideological instrumentalization of the female body and breastfeeding.”

Lots of weird shit going on in this NSFW video. Art is so dope. Literally, anything is art. Nothing proves it more than this video and experiment being considered art. Lock yourself in a cage with your tits swinging around some branches and your puppies nourishing their bodies on your milk? Yep. That’s art. In fact, here’s an award. Congrats!

Breastmilk is nourishing. There’s no doubt about that. Colostrum is one of the great miracles of nature. However, I wouldn’t be completely honest if I didn’t let you know that I prefer my puppies eating breastmilk from their human mother out of a saucer like god intended! Uncouth. Unclean. Uncivilized. Unbelievable. The mother’s breasts aren’t a milk-filled water spigot for puppies to be chewing on like hampsters.

Whatever happened to manners? Whatever happened to privacy? If you’re gonna be breastfeeding dogs, wear a sweater or have a nursing cloth at the very least. This is still a society, after all. Babies are fine. Do whatever you want breastfeeding a baby in public with just one caveat; the baby must be human. That’s not too much to ask, right?