Bray Wyatt, His Brother Bo Dallas, And His (Alleged) Mistress Jojo Are All Sick With Viral Meningitis

Yikes. Kinda…uhh…unfortunate scenario here. Bray’s wife filed for divorce back in June when it was revealed that he was (allegedly) having an affair with ring announcer Jojo. He pulled a big swingin’ dick move and showed up to RAW with her the day that story broke, pretty much confirming those reports, but I’m gonna keep saying alleged so homeboy can’t sue me. Now…he’s got viral meningitis…and so does she…and so does his brother.

Of course this could be because he rides with Bo, and sticks his wiener in Jojo, but when they’re paired together like this your first thought is obviously weird threesome shit.

This could affect TLC in a very positive way if Bray can’t compete, and we don’t have to watch the WWE present him vs Finn Bálor as the “Demon King” vs “Sister Abigail”. Feel better tho.