This Kid Has Got BALLS To Request To Play Drums For The Foo Fighters On A Song That Isn't Theirs...And He Absolutely CRUSHES It

First thing’s first: Dave Grohl is the fucking man. The fact he even lets a kid on stage at all to mess around with is awesome. But how about the confident canola’s on this chap? The dude has the audacity to ask and shake Taylor Hawkins out of his seat…but for a song that isn’t even the Foo’s? I know the Foo Fighters often whip out Under Pressure and other great jams, but still. That’s a bit intrusive on someone else’s turf. Then he jumps right into the damn thing without Grohl’s cue like Miles Teller at the end of Whiplash. The outright BALLS on this little shit.

But ya gotta admit, the kid kills it. And rightfully so. You don’t pull all those moves unless you can guarantee you’re gonna murder the drums, jam, and life. You just don’t. So props on Pierce for having the confidence to slay the set and wear that shirt in front of thousands of people. I like that kid’s moxie. And he deserved the once in a million lifetime moment.

PS – Rumor has it Pup Punk’s drummer also fucks, and fucks well. Just the word on the street.