Ex Boston College Running Back Posts A Video Of The Football Team At A House Party Doing Shots And Grinding With Strippers

TMZ SPORTSA former Boston College football player says strippers and underage boozing is nothing new when it comes to recruiting players … and claims he’s got the video to prove it.

We spoke with ex-BC running back Jamall Anderson — who says he committed credit card fraud to fund illegal recruiting parties to entice top players to join the BC family.

Which brings us to the video … which Anderson claims was shot on campus in 1995 and shows various football players grinding with strippers, taking shots and one guy even passes out in a bathroom.

“What you see on the video is just us outta control. We just did it all,” Anderson says.

Ugh this story was so promising when I saw the headline.  A huge college football scandal coming!  Thought some BC player who was just recently cut or kicked out of school or something was taking his revenge and leaking juicy Death Penalty-worthy stuff.  So many opportunities to dig up social media videos of strippers fucking recruits in basements, pageview cityyyyyyyyyyyy.

Turns out when they said ex they REALLY meant ex, as in 22 years ago ex.  Grainy footage of a house party that literally every single person who has ever drawn a breath imagines happens on every campus with a football team, every single night.  Underage drinking (Gasp!), strippers, people passed out, grinding.

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Don’t get me wrong, college 22 years ago looked fucking awesome. Sucks you can barely do this stuff anymore (thanks Rick Pitino!)

Shout out to Jamall Anderson though for finally coming clean to clear his conscience and try to clean up the sport with no ulterior motives other than the physical and mental well-being of student-athletes.

Anderson says he goes into greater detail about the debauchery on campus in his book, “The Best Bet” — and says he’s coming forward about everything so future athletes can learn from his mistakes.


Jamall Anderson B.C.


[via TMZ Sports]