NFL Players Vote Tom Brady Most Likely to Win Multiple Super Bowls in the Next 10 Years

ESPN poll

ESPN’s Football Nation page polled 155 NFL players to get their opinions on a half dozen high school yearbook-live superlatives on quarterbacks. And in the category that counts most?

Their favorite to win the most Super Bowls over the next 10 years is [Tom] Brady, even though he turned 40 in August.

Brady has embraced and invested in a healthy lifestyle and expressed confidence that he’ll play well into his 40s.

“He’ll probably go another six years,” one player said.

Orilly? Tom Brady. My Tom Brady. The system quarterback who has never been as good as Peyton Manning and noted NFL insider Max Kellerman swears is going over a “cliff” any day now. The one Tony Dungy won’t put in his top SIX quarterbacks of the last 40 years. That Tom Brady is voted Most Likely To Succeed. Even though the period these voters are being asked about starts now and doesn’t end until Brady starts getting junk mail from AARP. Since 2012, there have been 22 QBs taken in the first two rounds of the draft. And when it comes to ranking future success by a jury of their peers, none of them can finish ahead of the seventh quarterback off the board 17 drafts.

So if you’re one of those guys who thinks they’ve got to move on from Brady and start the Jimmy Garropolo era, or if you’re just counting down the days until he’s finished so you can watch Pats fans suffer for the first time in your life, one out of every five NFL players disagree with you.

Some other fun facts from this survey:
–Cam Newton talks more shit than any other QB. I’m surprised Aaron Rodgers is 3rd, , but not surprised Brady is 4th. Probably could’ve been higher.
–Obviously DeShaun Watson won the rookie Most Likely to Succeed in a landslide. Running Cleveland’s string of drafted QBs not winning that election to 50 straight.
–The QB guys least want to play with is Jay Cutler. With seven times the (un)popular vote of Newton.

Then, there’s this:

ESPN poll2

The fact this fucking guy put together two good months in a span of nine years and they each cost Brady a ring will haunt my every step until the day I die.