This Supercut of Joe Buck Reading Promos for Fox Shows is Strangely Compelling

Holy moly, that is surreal. It’s like time travel. The last two decades of your life played out in long forgotten terrible Fox shows. I know everybody loves to throw shade at Joe Buck, but after watching this I have a new appreciation for the man. It takes a real pro to read promos for dreck like Roar, Living in Captivity and Girls Club and actually sell it. Hell, just for calling K-Ville “groundbreaking” with a straight face he deserves an Emmy.

And half these shows sound like something off of Interdimensional Cable on Rick and Morty, like Gazorpazorpfield, Detective Baby Legs and Hampster in Butt World. It’s a nice reminder that even though we’re living in the Golden Age of Television, the networks produce a lot of raw sewage. And that for every 24, there are about a hundred Getting Personals. And Joe Buck has had to fake excitement about every last one of them.