'The Simpsons' Is Doing A Ken Burns Style Doc On 'Homer At The Bat' And I 100000% Approve Of These Shameful Tactics

UPROXX – A satire of Ken Burns’ epic documentary, “Baseball,” the special features interviews with eight Major League Baseball players appearing in the original episode, along with baseball historians, sportscasters, and iconic personalities, such as FOX Sports’ Joe Buck, sports announcer Bob Costas, author George Will, Dr. Oz, fashion consultant and television personality Tim Gunn and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio. Current Yankee slugger and Major League Baseball AL MVP candidate Aaron Judge also appears in the special.

YES. Nothing makes the childhood howitzer move more than nostalgia brought on by old school Simpsons. Combine that with a Ken Burns style documentary on one of the greatest episodes in television history and we’ve got must watch viewing. If only Shelby Foote from Burns’ The Civil War were alive around to bring his delightful Southern drawl to the project. Or if Jose Canseco were still somewhat sane to give his hottest takes, but that’s assuming he was not insane in the first place. Which is a big assumption. Just get Boggs out there gassing beers and fighting over British Prime Ministers and we got ourselves a gem of a doc.

Anything to put the asses back in the seats, right? If anything is going to bring back The Simpsons to when they were relatable and funny American family instead of now when they’re all sterotypical cartoon characters milking money, then I’m all for it. The Simpsons in its prime (Seasons 2-8) was, hands down, one of the greatest shows of all time. They’ve obviously watered down the product, but you still can enjoy the feeling of the classics. I haven’t watched a new Simpsons episode in over a decade and have no plans to catch a new one anytime soon. And I share the same boat with the freaking creator of the entire series, Matt Groening. That says all you need to know about the current state and quality of the show.

Unrelated but related, Nancy Cartwright recently did all of her characters in 40 seconds. Cool, I suppose.

Scientology is one hell of a drug. Still find it strange Nancy is the go-to for all the pre-pubescent boys on the show as a grown woman. Then again you give me $300K an episode for 20 shows season I’d stick a ghost pepper up my butt and weep little girl voices out of my ass.

PS – “The Day The Simpsons Died” is worthy of a view for any true blue old school Simpsons fan.