The New York Yankees Are One Win Away From The World Series

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Incredible. The Yankees are one win away from going to the World Series. It’s happening. The comeback kids are back to their usual tricks as this offense has awoken at the worst possible time for Houston. Surprisingly, the Yankees struck first tonight, with Greg Bird delivering in the second with an RBI double.

Keuchel? Giving up runs in the playoffs?

Statistically one of the best pitchers in playoff history and the Yankees actually knocked him around a bit. Coming into tonight I didn’t expect this. I thought if the Yankees were going to win it was gonna have to be a 2-1 W. Never did I imagine we’d be talking about Keuchel being left in too long cause he had nothing left in the tank. NEVER.

In the 3rd inning Judge came through once again with a ripped double down the left field line. *Cough cough* Not Clutch right?

The crowd was ROCKING at Yankee Stadium. People were as loud as humanly possible. Judge’s confidence right now is through the roof and you have to think him knocking into the wall in Game 3 really brought the bad man every pitcher fears back to life.

The Yankees gave Tanaka some runs to work with (Sonny Gray probably looked on jealous as fuck) and he ran with it. The samurai assassin twirled a fucking gem tonight going seven shutout innings giving up just three hits, walking one, and striking out eight in the process. Magnificent. This is the man the Yankees shelled out all that money for a few years ago. Tonight he was dynamite, just like he’s been all October.

In the 5th, the Yanks bats really put the game out of reach with back to back RBI singles from Gary and Didi. Keuchel was knocked out of the game, but to be honest he should’ve been pulled beforehand. He clearly was leaving pitches up in the zone as this offense was wearing down on him. After last night taking out McCullers so early, I thought this was a bizarre move from A.J. Hinch.

In the 7th, Gary Sanchez pimped the shit out of a solo shot in awesome fashion. I mean this is the definition of slapping your dick in a pitcher’s face.

Pure Alpha status here by El Gary.

From there on out it was cruise control. Tommy Kahnle came in to shut the door for the final six outs, only needing 20 pitches to do so. So now we head to Houston for Game 6 Friday night. The bullpen is completely rested and ready to go if needed. Luis Severino is on the hill against Justin Verlander. The Yankees offense is firing on all cylinders and it’s hard not to be confident. This team has caught fire thanks to the 2-3-2 playoff format. I’m telling you there’s no place that’s more frightening to play in than The Bronx right now. That place was as loud as it could’ve been tonight. Yankee Stadium is back to being a fucking zoo and I could not be happier.


People drinking from their casts. Babies being tossed around like trophies. The most dangerous place on planet Earth might be the Yankee Stadium bleachers right now.

The Yankees are one win away from the World Series. Say that ten word sentence out loud. Does it seem real? Well you better start believing if you don’t already. See you on Friday Mr. Verlander.

Fuck you Tex. Love you Chaps.