Actually Bad: Trump In A He Said/She Said Over What He Said To A Fallen Soldier's Widow

Rep. Frederica Wilson was riding with the widow of fallen soldier Sgt. La David Johnson, Myeshia Johnson, when Johnson reportedly received a call on speaker phone from Trump.

Trump denies he said this.

This one’s pretty simple: Actually bad. Absolutely no reason to be involved in this fight, in this back-and-forth, in this he said/she said. Especially coming off the heals of Trump falsely accusing his predecessors of not making calls to the families of fallen soldiers.

Making calls to grieving families obviously isn’t easy. It’s terrible. The whole thing is terrible. Nobody knows what to say, there’s no real “right” thing, but there are definitely some wrong things. We need our President to be conscious of this and to be able to successfully execute these calls. It’s incredibly important.

Let’s all remember Sgt. La David Johnson for his ultimate service, and send our thoughts with Myeshia Johnson and all of La David Johnson’s friends and family.