Blake Lively Keeps A Picture Of Gisele In Her Freezer To Prevent Her From Eating Ice Cream

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Source- Forget Paleo … Blake Lively has a surefire way to keep the weight off — put a picture of Gisele in front of the ice cream in the freezer.

“I have a picture of Gisele Bündchen in a tiny bikini in my freezer,” Lively revealed on Monday while posing in a skintight silver gown before the premiere of her new film, “All I See Is You,” at the Whitby Hotel. “But it gets in the way of my ice cream,” Lively was overheard saying of the technique.

Articles like this make me realize I made the right decision to leave modeling. My career was just starting to take off when I gave it up for blogging. I had a decent sized portfolio going too. I’d go over to my neighbor’s basement every night and we’d take hundreds of pictures that he’d send out after I left. Never heard anything back but he told me the feedback was phenomenal.

At any rate, I can appreciate Blake’s #NoDaysOff mentality but there are easier ways to lose weight. Go to any street corner in Manhattan and you can find what are essentially ethnic colonics disguised as halal food carts. For eight bucks they’ll serve you a pile of shit that will make you shit. Next thing you know you’re down ten pounds. If that’s too extreme, you can always just spit into a cup or get stressed out. You’d think that being rich and famous she’d have some knowledge of healthy weight loss but apparently not. She’s doing things the old fashioned way- body shaming. It’s a difficult route to take but I can respect the move. That said, using the most beautiful woman in the world as your thin-spo is ambitious. But what do I know? I’m just a guitar-shaped blogger whose diet consists of Rice Krispie Treats and burritos.

PS: I had NO idea who Blake Lively was until this article.  I’d heard the name but never actually seen a picture. Apparently she’s a fox.

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