Forbes Received An All-Time Complimentary Message About The Entire Trump Family


I love this. Lots of people on the internet are saying that this is a weird message to leave at Forbes. Not me. I love to see people being kind. Anytime you can call a magazine in order to defend the President’s personal wealth, the attractiveness of his family, his own personal good looks, and the entire families’ IQ in one brief message, you gotta do it. And truth be known, I think he’s right about Bannon. No way Bannon lets this slide. You don’t attack President Trump’s personal wealth with some sleazy article about him tumbling down the Most Wealthy People list and get away with it.

That being said, if anyone wants to leave a message like this with Officer Manager Brett about me, I would appreciate it.

“This message is for anyone in concern. I am an Uncle Chaps supporter. I love him and his very intelligent family. Uncle Chaps is writing more blogs than he ever has. So people making noise that he has lost millions of pageviews due to talkin about pipes and pumpkins is fake news and therefore will go down-the-swamp. Kmarko will make sure that haters like you will go down because Chaps is very handsome, very kind, and very funny. His children are very kind and very handsome. They have the highest IQs of anyone in the country except the Trump children, obviously. And we love him and this country. You can stick the fake news that Chaps is the worst blogger in the game up your ass!”

That would be a good start. Thanks in advance.