Last Night Was One Of The Greatest Yankees Playoff Comebacks I've Ever Seen

I’ve watched that minute and 30 second clip of the comeback at least 50 times alrea….

Oh sorry Tex just strolled in mid-sentence. He told me the series was over in five yesterday. Hmmm….not exactly Dr. Hip Hops.

Back to last night. That game was unreal. The Yankees were dead in the water with the Astros nine outs away from going down 3-1, and then magic happened. The Judge monster bomb. The Didi triple. The Headley pinch hit double where he stumbled and made it to second on an absolute prayer. The Judge game-tying double. And then Gary’s redemption laser to right center giving the Yankees the lead. All of it was incredible. There is truly something special about this team. They all believe in each other, they don’t quit, they don’t give up, they just keep coming and coming.

Anyone have anything to say about Aaron Judge in the playoffs? (crickets) Nope didn’t think so. You can’t have two bigger hits than those last night. He even hit a two strike slider for the game-tying double. I didn’t think it was possible for him to hit an away slider, but he did it. You have to think maybe him slamming into the wall in Game 3 knocked the monster out of the cage. Oh boy.

The series is tied at two and Tanaka gets the ball again today with a chance to somehow give us a lead in this thing. This is NUTS.

I’d put that right up with the 2003 ALCS Game 7 comeback if we’re being honest.

I can’t believe all of this, but today is huge huge huge. How many times can Dallas Keuchel continue to go out there and blank the Yankees? I mean he has to have one off game eventually. Why not today? Why not us?

Game 5 Watch Party

We are doing another watch party tonight. The Ainsworth on 26th street between 6th and 7th avenue $3 domestic drafts $4 wine $5 well drinks and lot of rowdy Yankees fans. Last night was awesome, let’s do it all again today!

P.S. This guy is the definition of electric.

I need to be friends with this guy. He’s everything I want out of a fan.

Yankees in 7 (maybe 6?)