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A Couple At Dominos Gets Tired Of Waiting So They Decide To Have A Little Sex

You know what’s better than a Dominos pizza fresh outta the oven? A Dominos pizza fresh outta the oven after busting a fresh nut. The freshest nut. That chick is the antithesis of Luda’s “We want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed” lyric and I’m very into it. I want a freak in the streets and a lady in the bed thank you very much. I wanna have a little sex while waiting for my thin crust pepperoni pizza and large jug of cherry Pepsi. My favorite part was they thought they were being slick with him standing behind her at the register. Bro, they know you’re in full penetration mode. Just because you stand behind her doesn’t mean they don’t see her pants around her thighs.

Also, anyone who shits on Dominos pizza is a member of the herd. Think for yourself one time. Form your own opinion before just agreeing with everyone who thumbs their nose at Dominos pizza. Dominos pizza is delicious. You’re just an idiot.

PS- The title of this blog was inspired by the meanest tweet ever sent out by our very own Tyler. I’m not saying it’s the meanest tweet Tyler has ever sent out. It’s the meanest tweet ever tweeted in the history of Twitter. It might seem innocent at first but it will eat at your insides the next time you’re trying to text with a girl you like and she’s not responding