You Can Never Have Too Many Gentlemen On The Ice

If there’s one common theme you’ll see throughout the NHL so far this year, it’s refs being way to quick with the whistle and calling an outrageous amount of penalties. But last night in Edmonton, the zebras finally crossed the line. It’s one thing if you call a slashing penalty every time somebody even looks at another player the wrong way. But to call a penalty for having too many gentlemen on the ice? Well now wait just one second there, buddy.

I’m sorry but what is Carolina supposed to do here? Send a bunch of fuckbois out onto the ice? A bunch of dickheads who are going to beg you to go out on a date with them for weeks, then that date finally rolls around and he takes you out to a 2-for-20 deal at Applebee’s, tries to finger you in the car ride home and then never calls you again? Until he’s blackout drunk the next weekend and hits you with a “you up?” at 2:30am? No sir. The Carolina Hurricanes are a bunch of upstanding citizens. They are thoughtful and they are sensitive. They’ll hold the door open for you. They’ll spend their Sunday afternoon visiting your grandmother with you even though they’d rather be at home watching football. They’ll send you flowers at work and they make sure you always have a text to wake up to in the morning. And now what? Now they are getting penalized for being gentlemen? Now they are getting penalized for being the kind of guys you’d want your daughter to date? Get out of my face with that bullshit, NHL. Get out of my face right now.

You can never have too many gentlemen on the ice. Not even one time. This officiating crew should be ashamed of themselves.