Gay Pat's Take On The Jewish Neo-Nazi Leader Who Quit The Movement To Come Out As Gay

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NEWSWEEK - Kevin Wilshaw, a neo-Nazi far-right activist, is publicly disavowing the white supremacist movement and coming out as gay, in addition to saying during an interview with the U.K.’s Channel 4 news that he is getting in touch with his Jewish heritage.

Wilshaw organised the National Front in the 1980s and has pushed his neo-Nazi beliefs at multiple white supremacist group events and other speaking engagements throughout the past four decades. But on Tuesday, after admitting to violent acts and talking his viewers through what motivated his hatred, he said he no longer prescribes to those beliefs.

Wilshaw told Channel 4 News that he originally joined the group because he was lonely.

One possible reason those violent acts made Wilshaw so sick could have been that he is himself gay and of Jewish heritage. But he said he didn’t really connect the homophobic views of the group to himself.

“It’s a terribly selfish thing to say but it’s true, I saw people being abused, shouted at, spat at in the street—it’s not until it’s directed at you that you suddenly realize that what you’re doing is wrong,” Wilshaw said.

He said that even though his mother was part Jewish, he said he hated “the Jews” on his application form for one of the alt-right groups he organized.

Now that Wilshaw has publically disowned the group, he fears that the alt-right will want to seek revenge against him. After all, extremist groups do tend to attack on grounds of anti-Semitism and homophobia.

“One or two would want to sort me…they’d see it as betrayal,” Wilshaw said.“I am going to find it difficult, granted, to fill a void that has occupied my life since childhood.”

You want you can watch the whole interview here

I realize Keith blogged this earlier but it’s too on brand for me not to comment. It’s also worth noting that he both started and finished his blog before I was done with my title. Hands down the fastest blogger at Barstool. Moving on.

What a wild week on the internet. People taking shots at Barstool, Nate Dogg handing out BODY bags, the premier of Barstool Van Talk on ESPN 2 at 1:00AM every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and now this.  A self-described Jewish Neo-Nazi leader coming out as a gay man..

The worst part about a guy like Kevin Wilshaw is that he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and he paints himself as a victim. Says the reason he spent FORTY YEARS organizing hate was because of a lonely childhood and a tough upbringing.   It’s a spineless cop-out from a tired, pathetic old man looking for a break. Not only that, it’s incredibly opportunistic. What makes it more bizarre is that he thinks coming out will make people forget all the shitty things he did. It’s a wild thought process considering there are thousands of people across the globe have been affected either directly or indirectly by his actions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sympathetic towards people’s struggles but not Kevin’s.

Funny thing is, if he thought he was surrounded by haters before, wait until he gets into the gay community. Some of the most judgemental, bitchy people I know are gay guys. They’d rip his goatee, his hair, those rank British teeth. God forbid he took his shirt off and didn’t have an eight-pac. They’d eviscerate him. Not to his face though, they’d do it just out of earshot.  He wouldn’t be able to keep up with the hate if he tried.

I’d LOVE to see him try to assimilate. Walking around West Village popping into Barracuda and Cubby Hole trying to mix it up. “What do you do?!” “What?” “For work! What do you do?” “I’m a retired Nazi, actually just came out.” “Nice! I’m gonna go grab a vodka-soda!”  Goes out to a drag brunch and puts on German national music instead of Tina Turner. It’d be hilarious. I’d wish him the best of luck but to be honest, I don’t give a shit.