The Gordon Hayward Injury Was One of the Most Surreal Things I've Ever Seen

I still can’t wrap my brain around the Gordon Hayward injury.  It’s just so surreal.   I wasn’t even watching the game.  I was watching the end of the Yankees game and planned on tuning in after it ended.  (Cue the I’m a fake Boston fan comments. Well you are a fake sports fan if you weren’t watching the end of the baseball game)  Anyway I was sarcastically tweeting about how Aaron Judge should not have been awarded 2nd base because of fan interference on his game tying double when I saw my timeline flooded with Gordon Hayward skull emojis.  For some reason I just figured it was like a turned ankle or something minor.  Then I watched the clip and heard Kevin Harlon say 3 times that he broke his leg.  Even listening to Harlan I was thinking it wouldn’t be that bad.  Then I saw it and poof the season was over.  It didn’t even feel real.   Unbelievable.  That’s all I can say.  I was so excited for the Celtics Cavs rivalry and we didn’t even get 6 full minutes of it.  Just hard to believe.