Irony Alert: The NFL is Putting an Exhibit at Boston's Museum of Science


For some reason this reminds of something I read about a movie paradox that goes, “The French are funny. Sex is funny. Comedies are funny. And yet French sex comedies are not funny.” Or something like that.

My paradox goes, “Football is fun. Boston is fun. Science museums are fun. But the NFL sending a football exhibit to Boston’s Museum of Science is the worst example of ironic, tone deaf hypocrisy since a Jets fan in an “I Stand for the Anthem” shirt sat his ass down on Old Glory.”

For Roger Goodell’s NFL to be connected in any way, however remotely, to an institution that promotes science and learning in the de facto capital of New England is a traveshamockery. It’s like having a fundamentalist church do an exhibit about Creationism or the Hindus build a display of the universe where we’re all balanced on the back of the World Turtle.

You can’t make it up. Neil DeGrasse Goodell has denied the links between getting your brains bashed in 60 times a game and concussions. He said you can get hurt just sitting on the couch. He’s the Flat Earther who ignored a simple, immutable law of science PV=NrT because he was so determined to fuck over the very people that will be coming through the turnstyles. He let his minion Ted Wells go all the way across the continent to hire Exponent, the most corrupt, discredited, science-for-hire research whores on the planet to tell him air pressure doesn’t reduce in the cold the way they said cigarette smoke and asbestos aren’t bad for you. That guy. He’s now getting an exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Science. It’s as sad as it is laughable.

I love that museum. When the kids were little we had a family membership. I know there are decent, science-minded, fact-based truth-seekers on staff there. And I’m begging, imploring, these men and women of science to put up and exhibit right at the entrance to this thing all about the Ideal Gas Law. Do it. Tell the truth.