No Punishment Is Too Severe For This Grocery Store Employee Who Sprayed Liquid Feces On The Produce

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Daily Mail- A disgruntled former contractor sprayed what is believed to be liquid feces on produce at a grocery store in Charleston, South Carolina, according to police. Pau Hang, 41, was arrested on Sunday afternoon at a Harris Teeter after a manager spotted him and called the police.  The disgruntled former contractor was banned from the store two years ago for an unspecified reason. The manager allegedly saw Hang empty a bottle of brown liquid with a fecal odor on the produce. When police arrived Hang claimed the store owed him money. ‘We were extremely alarmed and disappointed to learn that today, a disgruntled, former contractor attempted to contaminate food products in the Produce department and Fresh Foods department inside our St. Andrews Shopping Center location,’ Danna Robinson, a Harris Teeter spokeswoman, told the Post and Courier.


So right now I’m watching the Netflix show Mindhunter. You’ve probably heard about it. I’m only a couple episodes in but it’s essentially a scripted series based in the 1970s centered around serial killers and why they become serial killers. It’s okay. It’s slow as fuck with lots of chatting between characters. Like endless chatting and I’m only 4 episodes in. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Anyway. In one of the first episodes one of the characters murmurs, “What people won’t do to each other. Nothing people won’t do” and that’s precisely how I feel about this story. What. The. Fuck. Man. There truly is nothing people won’t do to each other…………including spraying poop on produce at the grocery store cause they’re owed money. Where did the poop come from? Is it dog poop? Is it human poop? Is it his poop? I have a lot of question regarding the origins of the poop.

No punishment is too severe for this type of behavior. How does spraying poop onto the produce get this man any closer to getting his money? It doesn’t. If he was spraying feces on the food of the people who owe him money, fine. That would make sense. It wouldn’t get him any closer to his money but it would make him feel better. So cover their food in all of the poop. Not everyone’s else’s food. I don’t buy produce cause I Seamless everything but I feel for the people out there buying apples and oranges and staining their teeth with poop.