Let This NBA Hype Video Get You Into The Right Frame Of Mind For Tonight's Season Tipoff

Finally the NBA…HAS COME BACK INTO OUR LIVES!!! Actually I guess the NBA is the one league that is always in our lives. Even the NFL has a break between the Super Bowl, free agency, the combine, and the inevitable rash of arrests in between. But the NBA remains king of the offseason between Twitter beefs, trade rumors, and beautiful chaos. And as a blogger that spends hours a day grinding to keep the SPORTS in Barstool Sports, the return of the Association is a sight for sore eyes. Dishes, dunks, and crazy shit that only Steph Curry can do. Oh yeah and LaVar Ball has a kid that will hopefully play at least 82 games this season. I’m sure LaVar will give me something to blog about before April.

In case that hype video wasn’t enough to wet the beak whet the appetite, here are the Top 10 plays of the preseason

An overall “Best of” for the preseason

And the best of Milos Teodosic, who is going to be the new favorite player of any casual fan that haven’t seen him play yet.