Does This Look Like The Face Of A Florida Man Who Was Caught Naked In A Walgreen's Bathroom By A 6 Year Old Girl?




Winter Haven, Florida – A 24 year-old man is in jail after a 6 year-old girl saw him naked in the women’s bathroom at Walgreen’s. On 3-22-14 at approximately 8:10 p.m., 24 year-old Christopher Mahurin (DOB 12-30-89, Quailwood Dr., Winter Haven) and 22 year-old Jenna Lynn Frey entered Walgreens, located at 805 Havendale Blvd., NW in Winter Haven. The pair proceeded to the restroom area of the store where they had sexual intercourse inside one of the women’s restroom stalls.

While the pair was still in the stall, a 6 year-old female entered the restroom while her father stood nearby. After the victim was inside of the restroom, Mahurin exited the stall completely naked. Maurin immediately pushed the girl towards the door and she began screaming. The victim’s father, who was just outside of the restroom door, heard the screams and entered the restroom to grab his daughter.
When officers arrived, Mahurin was located in the parking lot sitting inside of a car with the keys in the ignition. Frey was also inside of the vehicle. Initially the pair denied the event stating that Frey only entered to use the restroom. However, after further questioning, Frey told officers they did indeed have intercourse in the stall. Mahurin was booked into the Polk county Jail on charges of Lewd/Lascivious Exhibition (F3), Indecent Exposure in Public (M1), Battery (M1) and Knowingly Driving With Suspended or Revoked License (M2).




You know when you go to a sporting event and there’s always that dad who brings his daughter into the bathroom with him because the mother isn’t there and she’s not old enough to go into the women’s bathroom alone? It’s really creepy and makes everyone feel a little uncomfortable but it’s not spoken about and everyone just stares at their shoes and goes about their business. Well this is exactly why. Because apparently you never know when someone will be fucking in the stall only to walk out with their dong swinging around like they’re having a casual Sunday at their apartment. That’s just 1 of the 10 million reasons why having a daughter is an eternal struggle. One day she’s a princess and the next she got a face full of cock at the Walgreen’s bathroom because Florida is Florida and no inch of that state is safe.