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This Poor Fella About Nutted His Britches Due To AGGRESSIVE Dancing

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.41.04 AM

Buddy, I love to dance. Dancing is my shit. I throw on some music and just get lost in a world of art through movement. It’s fantastic. You feel the rhythm deep in your bones and just let loose for the world to see. If but for a moment, it’s just the sounds of the earth and you. Incredible. All that changes when there’s a young lady twerking on your dick with a reckless abandon. I’m surprised this fella didn’t have a broken dick. Very aggressive! Very aggressive, indeed.

It’s a strange spot to be in because you don’t want your balls to be bruised, but you also don’t want the train to stop. You’re on that highspeed train now and there’s no jumping off. Danger. Mind the gap (talkin buttcrack). You gotta ride until it comes to a complete stop. Additionally, you dont wanna orgasm in your boxers. Yuck. Gross way to spend the rest of the night. Cummy underpants aren’t a good look for anyone. Best case scenario is that people think you pissed yourself. Worse case is that they know that you did a semen in your pants. Not good!

At this point, you gotta ask the DJ to slow it down a little bit. May I recommend? You might still nut but at least you won’t have contusions.