Nothing Says "Art" Quite Like Breast Feeding Your Dog And Having It Fertilize Your Eggs

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NZ Herald - A Slovenian artist has been fertilised by her dog for an award-winning art project.

Artist Maja Smrekar had her eggs artificially fertilised by cells from her pet dog Byron.

The work of art is part of a series of works by Smrekar to celebrate the relationship and bond between humans and dogs.

According to the Ars Electronica website, “the result is a hybrid cell, inherent in which is a dystopian scenario but which could create a new species whose chances of survival on Planet Earth are better than ours”.

The artist also reportedly breast-fed an Icelandic Sheepdog called Ada after going on a special lactation-enhancing diet, as part of her project.


Starry Night

unnamed (2)

The Scream


The Mona Lisa


And of course, woman breast feeding her dog

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I’m going to be quite honest with you here, folks. I cannot support this woman breast feeding her dog. I feel like she’s doing it more for the clicks and the shock value, and less out of the kindness of her heart. Like, if she just wanted her dog to get a good meal real quick, I don’t think that’s the best way. I don’t like her turning her dog into a science fair project or what she considers to be art. I’d prefer she feed her dog some Kibbles N Bits and maybe take it to the dog park to sniff some doggie asses, there’s not much need to bring her nipples and breast milk into the mix. Call me a prude if you so desire, but this art is not for me.

As for having her eggs fertilized by her puppo? Well, good news, they didn’t actually use dog sperm (allegedly)…

Somatic cells are non-sexual cells so the material used was not sperm. The process used was not fully explained.

…so I guess that’s good. Do we actually believe this wackadoo? I mean, not really, but let’s just go with her story for the good of the world.

So I propose we lock this wild bitch up and throw away the key. If this is what she considers art, there’s no telling what she will do next. Put on a strap on and bang a turtle? Let’s not risk it.