John Mayer Celebrated His 40th Birthday By Rocking Flower Pajamas And $600 Sandals

This is what I wrote about John Mayer a mere 4 days ago

He’s done things with extraordinarily hot women that guys like me can only dream about. Whatever. That’s all fun and games but the real reason to become famous is so you can wear whatever the fuck you want whenever the fuck you want. John Mayer or anyone else couldn’t be caught DEAD wearing a diamond encrusted The Dude necklace. People would be mean and judge you if you did. But since he’s a pop superstar and a world-class guitar player? John Mayer can wear that necklace every damn day if he wants to. It’d be a disservice if he didn’t. Because part of being famous is dressing like a couple and total asshole just cause you can.

Fast forward to yesterday and he’s wearing flowery pajamas and $600 sandals for his 40th birthday. To be clear, that stuff I wrote isn’t a knock on JM. It’s quite the opposite. I was saying that becoming and rich and famous is awesome because you can wear whatever you want. Whether it’s a diamond encrusted The Dude chain or flowery pajamas. I fucking love it. He’s taking full advantage of what I said. How stupid would would it be if John Mayer wore normal clothes all the time? What a waste that would be. JM was straight stuntin in those PJs and sandals. Good for him. So happy 40th birthday to John and here’s to many more.


By the way, John and I are best friends now so that’s cool

Turns out going to his concert by myself really paid off