Don't Look Now But Vegas Has Carson Wentz With The Best Odds To Win MVP

Amazing. Do you know how many NFL MVP’s the Philadelphia Eagles have had since they started giving out the award?

0. (Well, kind of 1. The AP voting is usually what people go by for NFL MVP, and they knighted Joe Montana for the award in 1990. The Pro Football Writers Association NFL MVP went to Randall Cunningham in that same year.) To have a man excelling at the most important position in sports this well in their second season is astonishing.

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Granted, there’s nobody in the NFL really lighting it the hell up this year that will run away with the award. And I’d even throw Kareem Hunt into that conversation. But still, this is noteworthy stuff. the Will Wentz come back to Earth? Probably. Hopefully he won’t disintegrate in the atmosphere like last year, but props to Carson for even being in the conversation at this point of his career.

Now please hurt yourself hopping on that Wentz Wagon before it fills up!

Also, the popularity of Wentz has not been lost on this great nation. Ginger Christ on a Cracker:

PS – Sign and conquer. FUCK Pete Morelli and his crew of cheapshats.