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Some Gay Bro Says He Catfished Paul George Into Sending Him Nude Pictures




(Source) Paul George was the alleged victim of an online catfish scheme, sending half naked and full naked selfies to what he believed to be a woman.  Turns out it was a gay male who was playing him (and others, including Kenyon Martin and rapper Romeo) all along and is now making the scandalous photos public.



I know this is all “alleged” but if it is true I fundamentally don’t get how this happens. How the fuck can an athlete be this fucking dumb. It’s 2014. You understand how the world works now. Why would you ever, in a million trillion years send out any type of nude anything that can be linked back to your face? And that’s not even taking into account that this was all some gay bro catfishing you. I’m talking sending it to real women too. Just beyond stupid. And if we’re being perfectly honest, the alleged nude pictures are one thing, a picture like this is something you may never be able to recover from.





Kissy lips is 10 million times worse than a dong pic. Who even kisses anyway? You gonna kiss your online hook up Paul? On the lips? Grow up dude.





Someone going to the UC tonight should get kissy lips on a poster and sit behind the backboard. No chance that doesn’t get in his head.