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2020 Democratic Presidential Contender Cory Booker Takes A Shot At Trump On Twitter

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.20.29 AM

Many people are loving this tweet. It’s fine, pretty good little jab. Not reinventing the wheel by going after Trump’s twitter game but it plays.

The broader point I’m taking away from Senator Booker here is where I want to focus: Did Trump open the door for pure anarchy in our elections from now on? Is 2020 going to be a fucking free for all? The wild wild west of public relations? Vicious twitter attacks? Are we going to revert to duals? I mean Donald Trump got elected executing all of the previously considered fatal campaign killers one could possibly imagine — grab her by the pussy video, Melania plagiarizing her RNC speech, mocking the disabled person, every day on twitter, referring to Megyn Kelly bleeding from her you know what, a million more I’m definitely missing, etc etc — yet here he is. Here we are.

Yes Cory Booker did a quick “boom roasted” of Trump, but he’s got an excellent point. The current Commander In Chief is proof positive that what were previous prerequisites for winning the White House have now been tossed right out the window. It used to be pretty black and white: either these are the things that definitely won’t work, or these are the things that definitely will work, and it’ll be whomever operates within this acceptable window who wins.

Now we’re playing in a massive grey area. Anything could work. Anything could not work. Is 2020 going to be crazier than 2016? Well, if Trump’s still president and running as the incumbent, I absolutely believe so.