You Might Be Having A Bad Day But At Least A Dog Hasn't Pissed All Over Your Back

That dog knows something we don’t know. Simple as that. How many stories have we heard over the years about dogs being extremely intuitive? Like a borderline magical power of intuition? This is just another example of that. I don’t know what that guy did but the dog sure as shit does. He robbed somebody or assaulted somebody or maybe even killed somebody. Or maybe he hasn’t committed his crime yet. That’s how intuitive that dog is. Dogs are like the ladies in the Minority Report movies who lay in water and predict crime. They see and sense shit we can’t see or sense. The guy proved it when he tried to kick the dog to outer space. What an asshole. You might be saying, “Wouldn’t you try to kick a dog after it just took a monster piss on your back?” and the answer is no. I wouldn’t kick the dog. Instead I would go into deep thought about what that dog knows about me that I don’t know about myself. Dogs know everything. Even things you haven’t yet realized about yourself. Remember that.

Throwback Tuesday