An Entire School Of Students Staged A Walkout To Protest A Teacher Saying "SPEAK AMERICAN" To Spanish-Speaking Students

NBC News- Students staged a walkout on Monday after a cellphone video appeared to show a New Jersey high school English teacher reprimanding three students for speaking Spanish and telling them to speak “American.”

“They’re not fighting for your right to speak Spanish,” the teacher says about U.S. soldiers in a video that was originally posted on Snapchat and obtained by NBC News. “They’re fighting for your right to speak American.”

Almost 100 students walked out of school in protest on Monday, even though the principal warned that they would be disciplined, NBC New York reported. After someone pulled a fire alarm, all of the school’s 1,110 or so students walked out at about 11 a.m., the station reported.

First off, there’s no such thing as “speaking American.” It’s English. That’s our national language. And you can’t force people to speak English unless they’re one of those people who dictates blind people messages that are typed to each other. Do you know that service? You could type out a message and then your friend’s phone number, and some poor guy would call your “blind” friend and read the message. We used to do this in high school because in Maine, we struggled to find activities. But we’d howl with laughter as this stranger on the phone was obligated to read things like, “do you like-ah drink-a my peepee? Thinking of you makes me wetter than the Puget Sound.” Pretty juvenile. But at least we weren’t popping opioids.

But these walkout kids… are they actually that mad? Or are they just jumping on a reason to skip class? At first, the walkout was only a handful of kids. But then some other kids saw them getting out of class, so someone pulled the fire alarm out of FOMO. What’s more, if you watch the original video from the classroom, you’ll notice how quickly 3-4 students stood up and walked out. They had their backpacks in their hands just in CASE the teacher said something inflammatory. Trigger fingers on the triggered fingers. Maybe she has a history of walking the line, and they were ready for it? Either way, kids don’t need much to skip class. If you’re a teacher, you’d better stick to the lesson plan these days. Noses in books, reading out loud, half the class asleep is better than inciting a protest from a bunch of teenagers.

Also, the fact that some kid was filming the whole thing shows you how shitty it is to be a teacher these days. You have to teach under the thesis that some kid in class is filming every single thing you say/do for Facebook. There is no room for innovative teaching methods, like the shit you see in inspirational school movies like “Lean On Me” or “Dead Poets Society” or “Freedom Writers.” You couldn’t pay me a million dollars a year to teach at a tough high school. Holy hell. I’d be smashing disrespectful kids’ faces into the water fountain on day 2. If you think comedy is a bad avenue for those with thin skin, try teaching at a bad high school.