We're Running Barstool Only DraftKings Leagues - Play The Bloggers For A Chance To Win $20K In A Live NYC Championship

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Here’s the deal.  I’m sick of putting up big time lineups that I spent hours researching only to get stomped on by the sharks.   So we’re doing our own contest.  Common Men only (and women – sup?).  Completely private leagues that you can only get linked through Barstool.  We’re going to run qualifiers each Sunday starting THIS WEEK, each one with its own cash prizes.  But the best part?  The winner of each qualifier gets automatic entry into the Barstool Common Man Championship in New York City live on December 17th. Plus $1300 for airfare and hotel.   Yup we’re having a live Barstool party with the 12 qualifiers squaring off against each other, El Pres, Hank, Nate, and yours truly.  $10K to first place and $20K in cash prizes.

Again, sign up each Sunday through Barstool to play against other Stoolies.  Win cash.  If you win the whole thing?  Automatic seat + travel and hotel at our live championship event at 310 Bowery on 12/17.  There you will go up against me, Pres, Hank and Nate for a shot at 20K in cash prizes.

Like I said we are starting this Sunday so join now – also, we’re running this one completely free.  Just jump in, create your team, and win cash.

Again – no sharks.  You literally can’t even sign up for it if you’ve won a certain amount of money on Draftkings.

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