Guy Picks A Fight, His Opponent Picks Up A Stool, And The Rest Is Internet Gold

Every so often the internet gods grace us with a video that can make us smile at any given time. And that’s what this video is to me. So basic but soooooo fucking funny. There is our protagonist, rocking a wife beater and tight black pants. He seems to be quite hot under the collar of the shirt that he is not wearing!


And then we have our antagonist, who is probably the protagonist of any video that had the whole altercation. He grabbed a stool and apparently can wield it like Jon Snow does Longclaw, which led to our fearless hero in white taking off for the hills as he is more scared of the antagonist than I am of a fresh garden salad for lunch.


The result? The man in white getting absolutely MOLLYWHOPPED by that car with a sound that can only be described as “Screaming Sheep”

Tears. Every. Single. Time. Folks,,, those screams are IIIIII-(clap)-dentical!

Can’t forget the peanut gallery getting their chirps in while also recording some viral content for themselves to help their #brand grow.


And this guy becoming the real life Teeth Emoji.



Truth be told, I wanted to put the fact that guy bounces off a car and screams like a banshee in the headline of this blog, but I wanted you guys to be as surprised as I was. It was worth it right? And again, that scream is just the bees knees. If people don’t click on the blog based on the headline, it is their loss. You guys are the real ones anyway. We are now a part of the secret club that got to witness a guy turn into a screaming sheep before morphing into the roadrunner and kicking up a bunch of dust as he ran away from a guy with a wooden stool in his hands.


Speaking of barstool guy, he deserves a free Ball Don’t Lie shirt for doing more good for the street cred of barstools anyone this side of Portnoy. Maybe slap some stars around him and sell it as a flag or make it the Shirt of the Month (which are always fire by the way).


Untitled 4

I wish I could bottle up the way I feel when I watch this video and drink it to make me feel better. I really could have used this video the last 5 weeks to get me out of the dumps after a Giants loss. Today has been the first day I had an extra pep in my step because my football team won. The fact that I can feel happier because 53 guys won a game thousands of miles away is a real thing that actually happens is truly one of life’s great mysteries. But anyway, I’d like to thank the internet gods for making this video possible. It is now bookmarked on my computer for any time I get a little down.

*I will throw a disclaimer on this that the dude that gets hit by himself is apparently some sort of online streamer or something, so there is always a chance that this was staged. But I choose to believe that this is as pure as the fresh fallen snow because I love it too much to think otherwise. And if this was a When Streaming Goes Wrong, it legitimately becomes a Hall of Fame internet video for me because fuck professional streamers.