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Dick Stockton's Ron Burgundy Moment was Classic Dick


For the last time, anything you put on that teleprompter, Stockton WILL read!!! In fairness to Dick Stockton, of course he’s going to read anything they put in front of him. Does whatever associate producer or production assistant or intern who handed him a live read telling him to check the graphic have the first clue how old he is? I don’t, actually. But I know that when you hear the call of Carlton Fisk’s Game 6 home run, that’s Stockton. In 1975. Meaning 42 years ago this month, he’d been in the business long enough to be calling a World Series.

Galapagos tortoises don’t live as long as he has. He’s so old that if he was a woman he would’ve been taken off the air three generations ago for aging too much. So you don’t tell a man of his age to take directions, improvise or think on his feet. He’s been on autopilot since before VHSs, so if you think in 2017 you’re going to get him to read about what the Bears, Chiefs and Raiders are doing and he screws up, that’s on you sonnyboy, Not old Dick.

And the best part is how Mark Schlereth can’t bring himself to make a joke about it or just say “Dick, you’re just supposed to check the monitor” or whatever. It’s like having a grandfather with dementia starts swearing at the dinner table for no reason and everyone just awkwardly talking to drown him out while the kids giggle. And yet, he’ll still be calling football games when the rest of the people working that game are worm food. You stay classy, Dick.