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LeBron James Confirms He's the Cheapest Man on Planet Earth

What is this guy’s deal? Dude you have multiple endorsement deals worth over $100 million dollars. You’re currently making over $30 million dollars a year. THIRTY MILLION A YEAR. You fly private jets everywhere you go and go on yachts all the time. You would assume by the likes of it that LeBron doesn’t care about splurging on the little things either. Nope, LeBron is the cheapest human being on planet Earth and he confirmed it to Rachel Nichols in this interview. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this before.

He’s the worst. He once tipped $10 on an $800 dinner bill. He doesn’t use roaming data if there’s no wifi. Imagine how insane it must be if you have to contact him and you can’t cause he’s on a fucking boat. You won’t do Pandora premium? Dude there’s something seriously wrong with you have that much money to your name and refuse to pay TEN DOLLARS A MONTH extra. Just would rather listen to commercials than fork over TEN DOLLARS? I won’t even do that and I’m a broke kid a year out of college.

Also fuck Pandora for this tweet. Don’t help LeBron out and give him premium for free. Don’t you fucking dare. Make him pay his $10 or force the wrath of commercials on his ass.

P.S. Throwback to the only time I’ve ever liked LeBron back when he made fun of himself in Trainwreck for being a cheap son of a bitch.