JPP Unveiled A Fire New Sack Dance Last Night That A Young Fan Battling Cancer Taught Him On Friday

Fucking. Awesome. As if last night’s win couldn’t get any sweeter, this was the cherry on top of. A little electric bugaloo mixed with a dab at the end. Best sack dance ever. Of course JPP would have 3 sacks in his first game after learning those moves. Poor Trevor Siemian and everyone that thought the Broncos were a layup in Suicide Pools last night didn’t stand a chance.

I’ll admit that I feel a little bad for being someone that will still occasionally rattle off a joke or two about JPP losing some digits for being an idiot. But the fact remains that if you do stupid shit, you will get made fun of.

HOWEVA, if you do something awesome and heartfelt like this, you deserve all the props in the world. It may be corny to say, but sometimes things truly do happen for a reason. JPP lost a ton of money when he blew those fingers off and took the hit on the chin. But he recouped a good amount of it this summer and now can help inspire people like Hayden and others to overcome cancer or anything else that may have robbed them of a body part.

No fear! I fucking love it. JPP should bring back those No Fear shirts from the 90s, slap some inspirational quotes on them, and use the proceeds to fire things like childhood cancer directly into the sun.


Oh yeah and in case the true message of this blog wasn’t clear, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK CANCER. #GoHaydenGo