Checkmate, Atheists: President Trump Is Saying Merry Christmas Again And So Am I

I am thrilled that Christmas SZN is back, baby! I love getting my stockings all hung up with care. I love getting my decorations strung everywhere. I love to make cider, cookies, and beer. I love to wrap presents and sing while grinning ear to ear. I love Donald Trump with his message so neat. I love to get his agenda tweet after tweet! I love to hang lights from the roof and the stairs. I love to buy senseless gifts like 10-pound gummy bears.

I love to relax with some family and friends. I cant wait to go to gatherings to dance once again. Scream it now and scream it often this Christmas season. If you don’t say Merry Christmas, I’ll consider it Santa Treason. I cant wait to #MAJA! (make America Jolly again)


The typo in that tweet kills me. I’ll never delete a tweet and I’ll only drink from red cups this holiday Christmas SZN. Merry Christmas, folks and a Happy Holloween.