Flopping On An Occupied Cop Car Is Probably Not The Best Move To Pull At A Temple Tailgate...Or Anywhere

Well that’s one way to guarantee a criminal record. And a bundling. At minimum.
That kid was lucky to not get 1.21 gigawats through his pink tank. And to think the one guy wearing a sombrero in South Philly in October wouldn’t be the biggest drunk in the crew. Oh well. The Owls might have fallen to 3-4 after Saturday’s L to UCONN but, hey, at least the tailgate scene is still hot on the streets. Or however you can describe this anarchy.

On the surface it may not seem like the wisest move to backflop on an occupied police vehicle, but maybe it is? Being thrown in the back of the cop car to get locked up is still probably better than heading back to North Philly. At least in jail you somewhat know what you can expect. North Philly will throw anything and everything weird your way.