Foul Ball Guy Zack Hample Freaking Out About This Can-Of-Corn Catch On The Dodgers' Walk-Off

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 10.09.59 PM

I’m a huge credit where credit is due kinda guy, but you cant look me dead in the eyes and say that you are impressed with this catch. That’s a can of corn. You gotta make that catch if you are hanging out in the bleachers with your glove. That’s the real danger of bringing your glove to the ballpark. The danger is not that people will think you are a big ole weirdo for bringing your glove; the danger is that people will judge the shit out of you if you miss a routine pop-up. You miss that barehanded and you get a pass. You flash the leather and have a little case of the dropsies and you’re fucking toast. Believe that.

It was a routine catch. No one was even around him. Looked like a Jaguars game in the bleachers, folks. It was barely tweet worthy. It’s certainly wasnt blog worthy. I wont be blogging the catch. That’s for sure. Carry on, everyone.