Dodgers Beat Cubs On Justin Turner Walk Off Dinger

Well fuck me. No other way to put it… the Cubs lineup absolutely STINKS right now. I don’t care what the circumstances are these guys need to get their fucking shit together. Yeah yeah yeah it’s a long series okay fine. But 3 runs in two games against mediocre efforts from Dodgers’ starting pitching is unacceptable. Their bullpen made us look like a spring training team. It’s laughably bad. That’s how bad it is. I’m laughing. And I fucking HATE laughing when I’m losing 2-0 in the NLCS.

In other news, the Cubs are coming home to good weather and a slammed Wrigley. We need to send them back to LA 3-2. There’s no other way this is going to work. Davish blows and he’s pitching Game 3 against Kyle Hendricks so color me fucking shocked but this series is going 2-1 whether you like it or not. Then it’s going 2-2. And then it’s a coin flip to play for the World Series. In other words, stop freaking out. We have plenty of time to make a run. The last time the Dodgers were up 2-0 in an NLCS they lost 4-0 to the st. louis cardinals and everyone knows how much the st. louis cardinals suck. So yes, I’m not scared.

Let’s fucking ride. I got the World Series on my mind.

Cubs in 6