Liv Morgan Is On An All Time Twitter Revenge Tour Right Now

Hello and welcome to my first smut blog. Liv Morgan is a wrestler in NXT who used to date Enzo Amore…that is, until rumors of him bringing random strippers backstage to RAW with him started springing up and Liv tweeted this out…

I hit her with the sup (obviously) and got a follow back instantly (lol in your face Enzo), but it seems I was instantly Twitter cucked by Tyler Bate (aw damn).

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 7.43.38 PM

I’m cool with that, because he’s handsome, and has a British accent, and his arms don’t look like noodles, so I’m just gonna sit here and take the L. BUT, Liv is now going on a savage “look what you could’ve had” revenge tour on Enzo Amore now, and it’s, how the kids say, making me weak.


Ha! Enzo…oh Enzo.