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The Redskins DB's "Lock Him Up" Celebration Is The Best In Football

There’s that Virginia Tech boy! Everyone knew he was a draft steal. I never really have understood why college injuries at the wrong time can plummet someone’s draft stock so much. If he’s a first round pick, he’s a first round pick, but just because he’ll miss a tiny bit of a time his rookie season that moves someone from the 1st round to the 3rd? Well, thank you Scot McCloughan for being awesome at getting late round value, cause Kendall Fuller is going to be a stud in this league. And it helps they have the sickest celebration in the NFL right now, the Redskins DBs doing the “lock him up” celebration (after locking up the WR and getting the big INT) is the icing on the cake.

Much better than duck, duck, grey duck goose. So much better.