Sunday Tiger! Nobody loves “accidentally” causing a weekend shit storm quite like our guy Eldrick. He did it on a college football Saturday a couple weeks ago and now he’s done it on an NFL Sunday. Regardless, I will never not get a boner seeing Tiger Woods wearing red on Sunday. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Sunday in April at Augusta or a Sunday in mid-October when he hasn’t played in a billion years. My brain sees that red shirt and it instantly sends all of the blood in my body to the tip of my penis. Nowadays Tiger is posting more videos to social media than an Instagram model and I’m not quite sure what it means. He keeps talking about progress progress progress. This is the first time we’ve seen one of him hitting driver. Progress progress progress. Or maybe he’s just trying to tweet a bunch so it pushes tweets featuring his mugshot further down our timelines and out of our collective minds. Who knows.