Jets Get Fucked On The Worst Call IN NFL HISTORY

Just so we are clear here – we’re calling a play in which the player never loses possession of the football a fumble. It never touches the ground. He never drops it. There is a brief millisecond where the ball is in the air but even then I think he secures the ball with his right hand as he hits the pylon. Even for all you cocksucker Patriots fans who want to follow the “letter of the law,” I STILL think that should have been called a touchdown. Absolute fucking INSANITY that rewards New England with the goddam football. Its the most asinine, illogical, blatantly idiotic interpretation of a rule ever. And as I said, even if you’re being a dickhead and following the rule exactly, I think you can make the argument he regained full possession as he hit the pylon.

If the roles were reversed, New England would be declared a State of Emergency right now. There would be cars flipped over and set on fire. People would be going to jail. Disgusting women and stupid children from Boston to Maine would be weeping in the streets. Portnoy would spend $100,000 on towels for like 300 people to wave at the next game and declare it some sort of revolutionary protest success. We would NEVER hear the end of that call.

Complete fucking DOGSHIT call from a DOGSHIT ref in a DOGSHIT league against my DOGSHIT team. Fuck anybody and EVERYBODY that defends that call in anyway. If you find yourself saying the phrase “its a bad call but its the right call” just go ahead and kill yourself right now. I dont care if you’re a Pats fan if your gut reaction to that review and that call is not “Wow thats stupid as fuck” then you’re an asshole.

Bottom line is, as always, its The Goddamn Jets. New ways to get fucked. New ways to get screwed. New ways to lose.



Whatever. Tank is back on.