Pat Perez After Winning: "I'm Not Gonna Change Anything. I'm Still Not Gonna Workout And I'm Still Gonna Have A Bad Diet"

Preach! Preach it, Pat! Father Perez preaching some gospel after winning the CIMB Classic in Malaysia. And why would he change anything after he just won? That doesn’t make any sense. The bad diet and refusal to get on the treadmill led him to that victory. It’d be stupid to change now. Dance with the one who brought ya to the winner’s circle. Not to mention I’m kinda sick of the younger guys being in awesome shape, eating right and going to the gym 5 times a day. Guys like Rory and Dustin Johnson are great and all but they get on my nerves with how focused they are on doing everything the right way. I basically want fat guys to make a come back. Golf is supposed to be a sport you can win without an ounce of athleticism in your body. Enter Pat Perez. The guy goes to the gym about as often as you go to church in your 20s. Keep on keeping on, Pat. We fat guys are with you.