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Aaron Rodgers Is Done. Time For The Packers To Do The Right Thing

Brutal blow for the Pack. Losing Aaron Rodgers for the season…well…that’ll put a wrinkle in your season. But not all hope is lost. There’s a QB out there who is similar to Rodgers. A guy who can scramble and extend plays. Who will hit the checkdown when necessary. The NFL just needs to finally give him another chance.

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How many more Kevin Hogans, Brian Hoyers, and Scott Tolziens will the NFL start until they give him a chance? I mean, enough is enough. It’s bad enough he wasn’t on a roster week 1, now we’re at week 6! Week 6! Rodgers went down, so hopefully the Packers and their shareholders throw out politics

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and give RG3 a call. He’s ready. The Packers need a QB. He’s healthy, hungry, and his knees literally can’t be any fresher if he tried. RG3 in Green Bay. It makes too much sense. Do it, Packers. Do it.