Giants Limp Into Mile High To Face The Broncos In Primetime


This game looked rough before the season even started. The Broncos coming off a bye at home with a rock solid defense and a crazy crowd under the lights. Now this game looks BRUTAL. Everything on the Broncos side of the equation is the same. Meanwhile the Giants are in the middle of a mushed season that can only be explained by KFC secretly becoming a GMen fan. An 0-5 start and a slew of injuries. Odell Beckham-OUT. Brandon Marshall- OUT. Sterling Shepard- OUT. Olivier Vernon-OUT. DRC-Suspended because he didn’t want to play/practice. Landon Collins- Playing hurt.

With that MASH list, I would say the key to the game would be the Giants getting the ground game going with Wayne Gallman Jr. But the Broncos also have the best rushing defense in the league. Not that it needed to be said again, but this game is going to be tough sledding. I hope Domenik Hixon and Ramses Barden are ready to step up big tonight.

Maybe (definitely) the worst part of all this is that this game is on primetime. The only people that hate the Giants in primetime more than the other 31 NFL fanbases are Giants fans. Now we have to hear people crack a billion jokes on every Eli face that gets captured by NBC’s cameras while also hoping that Von Miller doesn’t kill out quarterback on national TV behind that struggling offensive line. It’s crazy to think that only a year ago we were actually looking forward to Sunday night games with this glorious snippet greeting us before kickoff along with Carrie’s stems.

Whatever. There is a game to be played and if Eli is known for one thing, it’s the ability to shock the world and come up with a win.



(And if they lose, at least they are another step closer to the Number 1 pick)