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BYU's Mascot Is Potentially The Best Athlete In College Football Right Now

I have a confession to make. Ever since it went viral last week with the fire flames choreography to “Rolex,” I’ve been absolutely obsessed with BYU’s mascot. That video puts a smile on my face more than anything we post to the I Cant Even Instagram account, and that account is cute as fuck. Guaranteed smiles for days on @icanteven. But the BYU mascot somehow trumps that. This guy (girl? Sentient mascot with no other living being inside of it?) might should win the Heisman for how good of an athlete he is. Like no joke he’s already on the Chris Brown/Michael Jackson/Zah level of all time dancers.

And although he had already clearly proven himself last week, today the Mississippi State mascot thought it would be a good idea to challenge him to a dance off. This is like when OJ Mayo thought it would be a good idea to challenge Jordan to one-on-one. You come at the king you best not miss. And this dude came about as close as BYU came to beating Mississippi State in actual football.