Joel Embiid Is Now Moonlighting As A Miami Heat Coach, Makes Sure They Take Hassan Whiteside Out Of The Game

Previously in Joel Embiid making sure the world knows that nobody can guard him:

Last night at the scene of the crime:

I know that there are plenty of people outside of Philadelphia who are already sick of Joel Embiid. I know that every time the man says or does anything, it is going to be met with countless amounts of mouth breathers shouting that he’s only played 31 games. That he’s done nothing of significance besides tweeting in his career so far. But in just a few short years, Joel Embiid has already established himself as one of the premiere shit talkers in sports history. He is an absolute phenom. It comes so easy to him. And last night was a shining moment for the 23-year-old Cameroonian Hakeem.

The amount of disrespect that goes into this move is unfathomable. Calling to the Miami Heat bench to take Whiteside out of the game. Mowing another man’s lawn, banging his wife, calling for his coach to take him out of the game just over 2 minutes into the game. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hassan woke up this morning with Joel in his front yard with a mower. And as if the disrespect on the court wasn’t enough, Joel decided to finish him the way he knows best. Via Twitter/Instagram.


Even went as far as to retweet this one from last season.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 10.25.50 AM

Kill shot after kill shot after kill shot after kill shot. That’s how you take shit talking to a nuclear level. And again, I know that he’s only played in 31 games. I know that winning trumps all forms of shit talk and he still hasn’t done much of that in his career. But you have to be a total fool to not understand we are currently witnessing greatness here, people. Be on the right side of history. Trust in Joel Embiid. Trust The Process.

P.S. – Headband Joel immediately becomes the front runner for league MVP this season.

P.P.S. – Poor KD getting caught in the line of fire.