Trump Says He Talked To The President Of The U.S. Virgin Islands

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.37.34 PM

Good stuff from Donnie today. Quick little slip there. Referenced a president that doesn’t exist but is actually kinda just him. Oops. Sometimes I think he simply misspeaks — actually knows what’s correct just fucks it up when talking, a classic George Dubya if you will — but this one he 100% thought there was a president of the Virgin Islands. And thought he talked to that president. Didn’t flinch an ounce after he dropped it, just powered right through with the speech. I mean there is a governor, but calling it a president… when you’re technically that president… is peak Trump.

I love Donnie Abroad and by Donnie Abroad I mean Donnie Domestic referring to an American territory’s leader by a title that is actually Donnie himself. Electric.

PS — [fire emoji]