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Is This 13 Year Old Who Works For Google Actually a Robot Who is Creating SkyNet?

Tanmay is everything wrong with society. I actually am convinced he’s a robot. There’s no way Tanmay is a human being. There’s just no way. He goes by the title of a “software cognitive developer.”

“I love developing with cognitive computing and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.”

Okay so you’re a robot and design other robots? Got it. You’re an algorithmist? You’re a keynote speaker? You’re 12 years old and have written a book? Hold on a second here. You’ve written a book? Wanna know what I was doing at 13? I was playing little league baseball. I was just starting to jerk off. I was watching MXC Extreme Elimination. I was struggling to write five paragraph essays. I was the sports announcer of my elementary school when I was 12 (not to brag I brought the fire every Monday and Friday). I was playing video games until 5 AM and fighting other kids on X Box (I actually got suspended for a month for cursing). Dude you’re writing books? You’re creating code? You’re building robots? What is wrong with you?

This is how SkyNet starts. This is it. Tanmay from Google is the creator of SkyNet. He’s going to be the reason robots take over this planet, become self-aware, and destroy all human life as we know it. He probably finds humans obsolete and unnecessary on this planet.

Here are a few quotes from an interview he did with the Huffington Post

When did you start programming?

I was 5 years old when I got curious. My dad used to do a lot of programming. So that intrigued me. Then I started creating my first programs, such as displaying “Hello World” in the Windows bash command line. Later, I picked up more languages in terms of programming.

My dad worked in the stock market and had a cool job too. It fascinated me for sure as I grew up, but you think I had any idea what he was doing when I was five years old. Did I all of a sudden learn the algorithms and coding and start building my own matrix world?  I was scared to sleep with the light off because monsters were gonna get me. Tanway was beginning to develop SkyNet.

What do you do in your free time?

I love to play table tennis. I have one in my house where I can either practice against the wall or play with a friend. If I am not doing that, I go to field trips or hangout with friends around my home.

If you refer to ping pong as table tennis you’re an asshole. I don’t know one person who calls ping pong TABLE TENNIS. This is another red flag robot move. I respect the hell out of this being his hobby because I love ping pong, but I also assume he’s never lost a game in his life because he’s a robot.

I woke up today excited for the ALCS. The Yankees are back in the ALCS for the first time in a while, but now I’m terrified. Tanmay is out there creating other robots like himself to create an army. It doesn’t know yet the power it has and how they won’t be stopped. Someone needs to destroy this robot before it becomes too late. It actually, might be too late already.