Reader Email - I Got Aroldis Chapman'd Last Year In Softball (NSFL)

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Yo BC,

I got Chapman’d HARD last August.  Too old and fat to play baseball anymore so I play third for my softball team. Modified – some guys throw like 65-70 and a shit ton of guys juice their bats. I caught a fuckin scorched line drive with my left eye. Worst pain I ever felt, by FAR. Crushed my orbital floor…had to be completely removed. Couldn’t see for a month…wasn’t right for 3. Eye still looks a lil off

Anyway, I attached some pics (kinda gross)…Chapman probably has it 3x worse.

Im weary of playing softball now, no clue how pitchers ever return.

I’d be shocked if hes back anytime soon.

And this friends, is why we play ’16 softball in Chicago. Now excuse me while I go throw up on myself.

NSFL pictures after the jump. Come on, you have to look. You know you do. Don’t be a pussy. Pussies don’t get pussy.

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